Residential Properties

I had wanted to update a number of rooms in our home, such as walls, window treatments, flooring, etc., for quite some time but did not know where to begin.  I contacted Barb and she immediately got us started and the project moved right along. One fear I had about hiring a designer was that I might end up with a style not my own, which was totally unfounded!  I loved the end result, which was far beyond what I could have done on my own!  One of my favorite parts was Barb's ability to work in a huge and unique mirror that my husband and I had found on our travels. She was able to incorporate it in our dining room and we both love it! I would recommend Barb to anyone.  She can take the pain out of a project and give you a lot of advice in a short period of time!

Naomi Mullet
Berlin, Ohio

We had spaces in our home that had bothered me for a long time. While I knew what I liked and didn't like, I didn't know how to put things together in a way that would fit the space. One thing I wanted was a bit of wallpaper for our bedroom. I looked for wallpaper and couldn't find anything that appealed to me. Barb brought me a book that had just what I wanted and put a color scheme together that we just love!  Barb also provided simple, creative solutions in otherwise awkward or boring areas that I never knew quite what to do with. Barb is a great listener and did a wonderful job getting to know our favorite looks and styles to make our home an environment that feels peaceful to us. We are extremely grateful for her help in making our home an environment that we love and are proud of!

Heidi Miller
Walnut Creek, Ohio

I have hired Barb to decorate two homes and have always loved the end result. Both home designs were very different but reflected my personality and my stage of life at the time. I am now moving into another new phase where Barb is helping to blend two families and two different tastes. My partner prefers a more modern look while my style is a bit more eclectic. It was a big challenge to combine our two different styles and come up with something we both loved, but Barb has done an excellent job. She asks the right questions in getting to know and understand our likes and dislikes. All while finding our common ground in design. My favorite part of the process has always been how much fun we have! Barb can work within a budget. She has the unique ability to transform what you already have with paint or new fabric to give it a fresh look while working in the new pieces to pull it all together. It is so important for your home to reflect your personality. It needs to be a place you love to spend time and invite your family and friends to come and enjoy it with you. With Barb’s help you can accomplish that. She gives you the opportunity to fall in love with your surroundings and that is a God given gift. My sincerest thanks!

Katie Janoch
Chief Operating Officer
Bryah HR Logistics
Aurora, Ohio

We decided to do a major remodel of our kitchen which then blossomed into the whole first floor of our home.  Scared me to death when I saw all the decisions I would have to make. I didn’t really even know what I liked much less what I wanted.  So I called Barb.  Wow – what a godsend.  Not only did she help us out when our contractors took off on us but she fixed every mistake they had made along the way.  I was not in fear of hiring a designer as I was more afraid of making a mess of it myself.  My style is a blend of all different genres, so I knew it would look like a hodgepodge mess if it were up to me.  I knew I had to have someone help me.  Luckily I had seen Barb’s work and saw how beautiful it was so I knew I would be in good hands. What I loved about the whole experience is that Barb really got to know my family and our style – she then incorporated all of our styles into one beautiful flowing home.  I really appreciated her using some things that we already had to save on some of the cost. I get compliments regularly about how gorgeous my home is.  It was all Barb!  She made it so easy.  Every time someone comes to my home they ask about it – I recommend Barb to everyone.  We are planning to move and build – Barb will be there every step of the way to make my next home as beautiful as the one we live in now.  

Patricia J. Smith
Attorney at Law
Aurora, Ohio

My biggest concern was being able to communicate the random ideas that were bouncing around inside my head! However, I instantly felt a connection with Barb the minute she walked into my home totally calming my fears. I felt like I was talking to my best friend. She pulled together a palette of harmony on my open floor plan, while adding fun details with my signature on it! My favorite part of the process was brainstorming together, looking at possibilities and dreaming together about what the space could become! Hearing her creative ideas... Things I never would have thought of on my own. Bringing a whole new level of detail and creativity that felt like my own. Your getting way more than a Designer! She's one of the most amazing people I've ever met! She has an incredible gift of design from the big picture down to the very last creative idea! I loved working with Barb, her passion for people and design create a beautiful launching pad for your dream space to become a reality!

Jayme Shaw
Sugarcreek, Ohio

"I've been working with Barb in a project to transform my basement. She is fun to work with, has a great eye for color and design, and is creative. She repurposed six furniture items and combined my ideas with my husband's ideas for a fabulous outcome. The finished guest bedroom is beyond my expectations, and the nearly finished adjoining media room is just what we wanted!"

Karen Oyer
Wooster, Ohio

"Our home was in need of some sprucing up in the dining room and living room, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Barb came in and worked her magic to make these two rooms go from “blah” to “beautiful”.  Barb is a gifted individual and is fun to work with! She listens to your requests and also gives great advice.  It is evident that she loves her job and she gives 100% to the project at hand.  She was able to find some quality items that we just love (floor lamp, coffee table, lamp table, table lamp, wall art and curtains) at a reasonable price and she also worked with items we already had in our home, to achieve a great look that represents us well. And we didn’t have to break the bank!  Everything looks beautiful and we receive many complaints when people enter our home. Thank you, Barb!"

JoEllen Hummel
Berlin, Ohio

Commercial Properties

We hired Barb Chalmers to develop a calming and professional design concept for Alternaterm, a woman's pregnancy clinic. She stepped in and understood our vision and needs right away, and even more impressive was her ability to work with and appeal to our board of directors, who were not all as design savvy. Many of which had varying views on design content and where the budget should be spent. Barb was able to make each one of us feel heard and also confident in the vision and materials she was proposing. From start to finish, Barb made it work even on our non profit budget. The final product was a perfect match to our dreams meshed with her vision. The before to after renovation of this complete space will be enjoyed for many years to come. Thanks Barb! 

Mark Zervos
Alternaterm Board Member

The moment I called Barb I knew I was on board with the right person!  I was comfortable talking with her and I could tell she was all about serving the customer.  She was so helpful and calming!  We met that week to start brainstorming ideas and her talents amazed me!  Before contacting her my fear was, what if I don't connect with the designer or what if they don't hear me out and honor our company's wishes to be cost effective. Promptly the color palette, artwork, etc were presented to me and I LOVED Barb's professionalism & creative ideas!  She went the extra mile in keeping me updated on the costs and also made accent pillows for our furniture that added the finishing touches to our foyer.  One of my favorite parts of the design process was the transformation to the women's restroom. She found a darling love seat and artwork that was so feminine and beautiful for the small sitting area in the restroom!  Also our conference room went from mauve, frilly wallpaper to a gorgeous deep purple wall color.  She added black leather chairs to the conference room table and some edgy artwork that looked amazing!  The complete look of the office is breath-taking! I highly recommend this Restoration Details for any design projects - commercial or residential.  Barb is so personable and has a lot of class and integrity!  Our office was transformed from an 80's look to an upscale, urban office feel.  We receive a lot of compliments continually from our customers, vendors, and employees!  Not every day you find interior designer's like Barb who are true servant leaders and go the extra mile with all the details!  Our company was so blessed with her talents and now we are enjoying an office facility that reflects class and professionalism.  

Jana Nolt
Office Assistant, ProVia