William's Barn

Being part of this project was one of the most exciting ventures to date in my decorating career! Once an old bank barn jam-packed history, this forgotten building had been left to rot on a back road in the middle of nowhere. The original Cleveland-area property served as a tree farm for years and has now been purchased by a wonderful couple. The Williams's love the privacy and serenity this land provides.


The first goal was to restore the sweet country farmhouse. After that, the focus became the barn, a bit of an eyesore waiting forlornly across the street. After the owners decided not to tear it down but to restore it, the planning began.
The homeowners located an architect on the east coast famous for this type of restoration. Not only did the barn receive a second life, it also found a new home over the hill from its previous resting place, right in the middle of the tree farm overlooking a beautiful lake. The perfect setting! For months and months this project went on. It truly was a labor of love for all involved. Once the barn was moved, its shell had to be restored and fortified!


This is where my work began. How and where to create rooms? What materials and colors would honor this storied, beautiful structure? Each decision took careful consideration. 
In the kitchen, we mixed contemporary elements with wormy chestnut that had once found purpose as the old barn's floors! The concrete counter tops were the perfect fit for this rich, rustic space. The silo became home to a breathtaking, winding staircase. So many elements exist that can't be seen in these photos. Thanks to a multitude of amazing craftsman,  this gorgeous structure came alive again.

Photos by Cesar Lujan

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